Access To Technology is a Human Right ™, 1996

The stickers all read, “Access to Technology Is a Human Right.” TTTP
launched this radical statement in 1996 and has used it as guiding
principle ever since. Neither money nor power but simply being a
human being entitles you to have access to technology. Referencing
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ratified by the United
Nations in 1949, the slogan implies that technology is as important
as, for instance, water for human survival in contemporary society.
People in the Western world commonly understand that everyone has
access to technology. However, large numbers of people remain without
adequate technology to actively participate in society. Therefore,
as stated in the documentation for Street Access Machine, TTTP is
“aimed at people in the so-called Third World as well as the homeless,
orphaned, expatriated or unemployed, at fringe groups, runaways,
immigrants, alcoholics, drug addicts, people suffering from
mental dysfunctions and any other categories of ‘undesirables,’ at
all those without social ties and unable to find a safe place to live,
at all those who have to beg in order to survive.” The statement reflects
the political understanding of technological society promoted
and engaged with by TTTP and makes explicit the company’s commitment
to challenge the power structures that haunt this society.


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