Technologies To The People® Corporate Image, 1994

Logos and slogans are fundamental to companies. Not only are they
easily distributed; they also communicate, with visual and conceptual
pointedness, the heart and soul—the brand—of the company to
the public of possible customers. From its inception in 1994 TTTP
has understood the significance of the logo as a means by which to
distinguish itself from other companies in the competitive field of
contemporary technology. As its company logo demonstrates, TTTP
has embraced as well as challenged corporate aesthetics and made
them an integral part of its business strategy. The TTTP logo’s simple
graphical lettering signals that this is a company that is able to focus
on the essentials of a given situation and is aware of its core values.
Furthermore, the rainbow-colored bolt of lightning in the letter T
signals that the company acts with tremendous force, like Thor with
his hammer, or on a scale comparable to a power station. Combine
these messages with the slogan “Access to Technology Is a Human
Right,” and you have a strong impression of what kind of unique
company TTTP is and how cleverly and effectively it handles its subversive
and inventive business. Again and again it has paid dividends
to its “shareholders” with projects that have pushed the agenda for
the technological society of today in more democratic directions. As
stated in its 2000 annual report, the company’s priorities are driven
by the feedback loop that characterizes its relationship to its public.
In opposition to most other technology companies, such as Apple
and Microsoft, TTTP has focused on solutions aimed at people not
in their role as consumers but as critical and active participants in
the development of society.


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